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About Pat Buteux

Marketing communications and sales executive with over 30 years of diverse business experience in technology, software, and consulting. Proven leadership skills in management, marketing, and administration resulting in outstanding individual and team contributions.

Printable Resume(PDF).

Business Experience

Four Palms, Inc. 1998 - Present - President and Owner
Four Palms is an umbrella company furnishing a wide range of executive level consulting services including the following.
The Language Doctors, Inc. 2009 to present - Business Development Manager
The Language Doctors provides language translation services including translation, interpretation and transcription in over 100 languages including American Sign Language.

Part-time consulting position -Responsible for generating business from new clients. Signed a new major contract with FDIC. Obtained HUBZone certification in exactly 2 months. Established over 150 new contacts. Signed new teaming agreements for joint bids. Leveraged Google ads to generate new clients, for example, Qatar Airlines.
SmartArrays, Inc. 2001 to Present - Vice President of Marketing/Sales and Part Owner
SmartArrays specializes in high end software consulting, with emphasis on their product, a software programming toolkit to analyze large sets of data in memory quickly and easily.

Part-time consulting position - responsible for creating and managing all marketing and sales functions, including customer communications and relationships, revenue forecasting, and marketing events. Specific accomplishments include:
  • Grew revenue consistently from $0 to over $500,000 per year in government and private sector.
  • Developed key customer relationships with private sector clients and federal government.
  • Initiated and implemented marketing plans domestically.
  • Coordinated key customer and prospect training and webinar sessions to develop product awareness and generate increased usage within existing customers as well as new clients.
  • Signed and supported IDIQ contract with LMI to support the Secretary of Defense. Contract has generated close to $1 million in revenue and is still active.
Consultant and Program Manager
Other significant consulting engagements include:
  • Evaluated the feasibility of entering the federal government business for a commercial software company, JD Edwards.
  • Established and operated a US subsidiary for a German company providing technical services.
  • Program manager for key Department of Transportation account for local 8(a) business for over one year, and grew the revenue from $150K per month to $300K per month. Established a streamlined system to manage contract modifications, proposals, outside consultants and project status. This system eliminated the “urgent” requests from the client and on-site personnel. Overhead and administrative costs were reduced while improving customer satisfaction

Four Palms, Inc. 1994 – 1998 - Founder and President
Four Palms was founded to develop, market, and sell royalty-free digital video software.
Entrepreneur responsible for company operations, planning, and strategy. Significant accomplishments include:
  • Directed all aspects of initial product launch, including development schedule, production schedules and coordination of 15 major consultants and subcontractors.
  • Marketed product successfully to Microsoft for inclusion in PowerPoint.
  • Managed corporate functions for company formation and transition to a consulting organization to maximize revenue and compensate for the limited success of royalty free digital video.

Manugistics, Inc. Senior Vice President, Software Publishing and International Business Units
Manugistics began as STSC, a timesharing division of Contel, transformed into a software vendor, went public and was eventually acquired by JDA software.
Executive leadership team member responsible for the creation and successful operation of two business units. Key member of the executive buy-out team that helped to prepare the company for a successful initial public offering. Accomplishments include:
  • Researched and prepared a business plan for the entry into the software publishing business leveraging software developed by third parties. This plan was approved unchanged, resulting in my promotion to Vice President of Software Publishing.
  • Recruited, hired and trained all personnel (over 100) required for successful operation of the software publishing business. Grew the annual revenue stream from zero to over $7 million and exceeded profitability targets of 10%.
  • Published Statgraphics, which won the “Million Dollar Award” for achieving sales in excess of $1 million in its first year of release, eventually becoming third in worldwide market share.
  • Created the International Business Unit responsible for all international operations including translations, localization, distribution channel relationships, pricing, and global marketing. Created international brand awareness for supply-chain and PC products.
  • Signed resellers in over 70 countries.
  • Established UK subsidiary as the first international presence for the firm. Grew total international revenue to 60% of total company revenue.
  • Significant contribution to branding of Manugistics name change.

General Electric Information Services
General Electric Information Services was a leading vendor of timesharing services, moving from general purpose services to specific industry services.

Various Marketing and Sales Positions
Successful sales branch manager, industry manager and individual contributor in a number of positions. Accomplishments include:
  • Increased federal government sales of pricing models and contract tracking systems from $80K/month to $320/month while increasing Department of Defense customer satisfaction.
  • Conducted competitive analysis, including in depth analysis of database systems.
  • Program Manager of Transportation industry, included acquiring Italian based software.

B.S. Mathematics, Syracuse University, post graduate studies at George Washington University, General Electric Leadership Training.

Community Work:
Guest speaker at George Mason University Entrepreneur class for 3 semesters.
On the Board of Directors for TAT, a local community theatre for 8 years.
Coached a robotics team that won a top award in Virginia State competition 2006.
Long time Girl Scout volunteer, member of core staff of Camp Firefly for 8 years.